Unitarian Universalists of West Hawaii
Sunday, October 17, 2021
A community of seekers

Our Ministry

We worship together twice a month – the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 4 PM.  A usual service includes chalice lighting, beautiful music from member Mary Garris, readings and meditation time, and a sermon from an ordained minister or a guest speaker. 
We sing, we listen with hearts and minds, we share, we learn.
The ordained Unitarian Universalist minister who is most often in our pulpit is  Rev. Dr. Catherine Ishida, a Hilo resident who holds a doctorate in astrophysics and is a graduate of the Starr King School of Ministry.  Rev. Catherine is very generous with her time in helping us establish our church and providing professional services. 
Guest speakers have included our own talented members, a Buddhist minister, an expert on Laughter Yoga, a friend who is a practicing Hindu, a local marathon runner, and an artist-scientist associate of Carl Sagan. 
We enrich our lives with intellectual and spiritual challenge.
When we have facilitated discussions, we get to know each other more deeply.
The Kona Educational Center, aka "Sadie Seymour Botanical Gardens" and previously The Kona Outdoor Circle, provides a lovely, accessible space for us to meet in. There is always time for fellowship after each service and occasionally we have pot-luck suppers after church.
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